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Most Frequently Asked Q & A

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.
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Q:  When does a boarding pet need to pick up by?
A:  Three Options:
Pick by noon: No additional charge
Pick anytime before close of business (WITH purchase of spa day): No additional charge
Pick after noon (WITHOUT a spa day): Pay one extra night’s stay

Q: Why does pet grooming take so long? 
A: Because our groomers are in high demand, we like to take our time with you pets to ensure the most comfortable and relaxed atmosphere we can provide. Rushing the groom can stress your pet, cause razor irritation, and the more time we are able to spend, there is less of a chance of us missing anything.

Q: Can I bring my own shampoo?
A: You may bring your own shampoo but we do ask that it is labeled for accuracy (and to make sure it gets returned to you).

Q: Why does my dog sleep so much after being groomed or boarded?
A:  Your dog sleeps because the warm bath is very relaxing for the pet. It can be compared to a person spending a day at a spa. For our boarders and those in daycare, they usually end up sleeping less than they do at home and have constant exercise during the day to help keep them happy, thus making them sleep great.

Q: My dog is old, how would you handle them?
A: We handle all our dogs with the greatest of care. With our elderly (or with our puppies) we take a little extra time to ensure that they are as safe and happy as possible.

Q: What types of shampoos do you use?
A: Our general purpose shampoo is a hypo-allergenic, tearless shampoo. We also offer specialty shampoos for dogs with fleas or who’s skin needs a little extra attention.

Q: What age should I start having my dog groomed?
A: The earlier the better. Even if you baby comes in for just a bath, it gets them used to the smells and sounds of the grooming shop so that they feel comfortable here.